Lighweight and versatile decking and cladding solution

, Knotwood Aluminium Decking & Cladding, Hallett Home Solutions
, Knotwood Aluminium Decking & Cladding, Hallett Home Solutions

, Knotwood Aluminium Decking & Cladding, Hallett Home SolutionsThe natural beauty and timeless appeal of wood with the capabilities of aluminium, Knotwood uses a state of the art sublimation process to create woodlike aluminium thats greener, safer, stronger and easier to use than wood.


There are many reasons why aluminium is the perfect decking material: lightweight, easy to install, simple interlocking instalment, strength, impermeable to insect influxes and of course not having to worry about the cracking and rotting.

No more spending countless hours sanding, staining and oiling. Knotwood decking and all its components are made from non- combustible materials and complies with Australian Standard BALFZ.

Knotwood decking is rated as Y Class or R10 under Australian standard 4586-2004 making it suitable for most covered areas.

Deck System

Knotwood decks use all metal components and fixings for ultimate strength and durability.

With a choice of two simple snap together systems, both systems are designed to conceal fixings and screws leaving a seamless woodlike finish.


Knotwoods patented cladding system has been engineered to be versatile in it’s uses, without loosing it’s timeless traditional appeal.

It has a superior resistance to weathering than wood and boasts minimal maintenance.

Select one of our Woodgrain colours for a modern play on the traditional or choose from our deluxe colour range for a more monochrome look.

Cladding System

The cladding system is based on a tongue and groove boarding system including extra components to easily manoeuvre around windows, corners and joins.

All cladding extrusions come in 6.5m lengths to ensure easy coverage of large areas.

, Knotwood Aluminium Decking & Cladding, Hallett Home Solutions